Children And Teens

In today`s fast-paced world, people who are able to handle social situations with poise have a built-in advantage as they achieve their life goals. The training for a child`s successful future begins early. As he or she learns academically and on sports fields, it is important not to miss other skills that can sometimes get lost along the way.

The Etiquette School of Central Pennsylvania`s programs increase childrens` awareness and self-confidence by teaching crucial dining and social skills that play a large part in their development.Our goal is to promote courteous and considerate behavior towards others and to maximize each child`s knowledge of proper etiquette. All classes are conducted in your home or choice of club or restaurant, in a fun and interactive style that the students will value the rest of their lives.

Elementary Essentials: Ages 6-11

Two hour session. Check event calendar for upcoming classes.

This program for grade school students will empower young people with self-respect and confidence. Classes are taught in a fun and interactive manner.

Topics Include:

  • Making Introductions
  • First Impressions
  • Conversation Skills
  • Phone Etiquette
  • Party Manners
  • Table Manners and Dining Skills
  • American and Continental Eating Styles
  • Setting a Formal Place Setting
  • Certificate of Achievement Class to Showcase New Skills to Parents
  • (Optional) Four Course Dining Experience at Local Restaurant

Youth Culture Program: Ages 12-17

Two hour session. Check event calendar for upcoming classes.

This program focuses on up to date social and communication skills which build self respect and respect for others.

Topics Include:

  • Table Manners and Dining Skills
  • Conversation and Listening Skills
  • Telephone Etiquette
  • Etiquette of Public Places….Theater, Sports Arenas, etc.
  • First Employment and Interview Skills
  • Personal Grooming Skills and Wardrobe Knowhow
  • Handshake and Introductions
  • Thank You Notes
  • One Minute Speech
  • Meeting Other`s Parents with Ease
  • Netiquette and Social Media

Dining and Social Skills Tutorial for Whole Family

You may schedule a private dining and social skills tutorial in your home or at a restaurant of your choice. Children will learn how to conduct themselves in a restaurant and when meeting new people, dining skills and how to polish their table manners so that all of your meals are pleasurable.