Adult Executive Edge

Do the employees who represent your company pass the seven second test? Are your professionals as effective as they could be? Today, decision makers realize that the personal package of people- not just the brochures and letterhead- represents a company.

Knowledge of product and credibility are usually not discovered if those seven seconds do not go well. Our professional savvy series includes seminars that deal with the strategic planning of the very skills that encompass those first seven seconds.

All programs are tailored to meet specific needs of individuals and groups. Private sessions are also available upon request.

Corporate Full Day Seminar:

Do you ever wonder why some people are more successful than others?

All business professionals, from recent college graduates to senior executives, can profit from this interactive one day seminar. The Executive Edge full day seminar is designed to help professionals choose their words and actions wisely. The seminar begins with “the first seven seconds upon meeting a prospective client/customer.” The day focuses on how people skills affect business development. Anyone who interacts with clients will benefit from this program.

Skills and topics include:

  • Self Presentation
  • Correspondence
  • Effective Networking
  • Dining Skills
  • Professional Attire for Men and Women

Participants receive: A four-course lunch, a folder with training materials and Dining Skills for the 21st century video.

Corporate Half Day Seminar:

This half day seminar includes most of the topics taught in the full day seminar except there is no meal served and the course can be tailored to which business etiquette topics are most suited to your needs. Once you share your training “wish list” with us, we can develop an appropriate syllabus.

Professional Dining Tutorial:

This program is designed for those adults who want to brush up on their dining etiquette to those who may be learning these valuable lessons for the first time. The two hour four course meal can be held as a power lunch or as an after hours evening dinner. Some of the most successful business meetings are conducted in the dining room, not the board room.

Topics Include:

  • Correct use of silverware, glassware and napkins
  • American and Continental style dining
  • Use of silent service
  • When to make a toast
  • Do`s and Don`ts of fine dining
  • How to eat difficult foods

Business Etiquette/Dining Tutorial

This program consists of all the components of the professional dining tutorial but also includes pertinent business etiquette tips.

Topics Include:

  • Proper Introductions and Handshakes
  • Conversation Skills
  • Business Cards
  • Correspondence
  • Networking Skills
  • E-mail Protocol
  • Telephone Skills